Thursday, August 21, 2008

I Finally Got Mail!!!

My first goody stash!
Loooooooooooook at what I got in the mail today!!! -----> I got ribbons and buttons from ! They are located in West Sussex (I believe that is in England - please let me know if I am wrong...)
Looooooook at how pretty! Brown, Orange and Blue... perfect colors! I am soooooooo going to be hording these ribbons/buttons for a long time. This is going in my 'you have to absolutely deserve this' stash. I'm not messing these babies up anytime soon.

Of course, my hubby doesn't understand. He told me that 'instead of waiting 2 weeks for this goody bag to come all the way from England, I should have just gone to the dollar store - there's no difference'... MEN!!! they just don't get it!

1 comment:

WhimsicalThoughts said...

Congrats on your goodies! but your so right, men just don't understand unless they are roaming the isles of Lowes/Ace hardware looking for drill bits or something! hehehehehe

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