Thursday, August 14, 2008

It wasn't my fault!!!

OMG! I found out last night that it wasn't me who messed up the camera!

My hubby finally fessed up...
he was messin' with it - he was taking silly face pics of himself, I guess he was really bored, lol. He claims to have started pushing buttons at random to see who did what and then he broke it! lol... see, the truth always comes out in the end - ha, ha, ha... let this be a lesson to all of those that try to hide things from their wives!

So, now that I have my camera up and running...
I am working on a few projects that I purchased from Memory Works. I wanted to post pics of them for y'all. I should have been done by now, I'll see what I can do... hopefully by the weekend I can share at least 2 of them.

'til next time!
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