Saturday, September 06, 2008

1,000 hits & 1st month Blog Anniversary! Blog Candy AGAIN! (and some might be edible too!)

I still cannot believe that I have already hit my 1,000 mark already!!! I started my blog less than a month ago and here I am - over 1,000 hits! Yea!!! I've made some really great friends and I feel like celebrating :)

Do you???
OK, if you do - here's the deal:

Here's a sneak peek at what I have been working on for the last 2 days... it's for my card swap at the end of the month, all 10 cards are made, done and ready to go!

OK, OK, finally - here's the deal, lol, the person to come close to the answer to what is in the inside of my card receives some yummy blog candy from me! YEA!

Hmmm... 'We Know The Truth:'... Who knows what truth? LOL... ok, I'm going to give 2 hints...

First hint: I would say that MOST woman know this truth... c'mon!... it's really easy...

Here's the second hint: the second hint is hidden in the title to this post! LOL...

I love to tease a little! :) Maybe if I get a chance, I will post a 3rd hint tomorrow :)~

Everyone has until my blogs 1st month Anniversary date to post their answers - which is Monday, 9/8th... please post your guess by 12pm eastern-time. Why?, lol - because this is when we will be getting home from picking up Nicky from school... we will then have lunch, afterwards, I will settle my boys down to relax with a movie and then I will have my chance to draw out the lucky winner out of a hat! AND still have enough time to post the winner and their winnings!

Good luck to all :)

BTW - I just wanted to share that I am sooo happy to be having my first in-home Workshop tomorrow! I can't wait - I've been drooling all over the stuff we are going to use since Thursday... I hope the weather behaves and we don't get rained out...

Hopefully I will be able to share what we made with y'all on Monday too!!!


P.S. - Sorry Mami and lil' sissy Sara - you guys can't play since you both have seen the stamp that I used! LOL... maybe next time! LUB U GUYS!!!


Jami said...

Ooh, I'm first?? I'm guessing it is something to do with the truth about an anniversary! As a woman, perhaps this card is one like my kids would give me... as I celebrate the anniversary of my 29th birthday each year (I no longer have birthdays, just anniversaries...tee hee hee)

Congrats on your 1,000 hits - they come so fast, and it so much fun!!

hugs, Jami

WhimsicalThoughts said...

Hummm, is it something about Diamonds? Congrats on your 1000 hits!

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