Saturday, November 29, 2008


Oh my, oh my!!! I am sooo very sorry for not being able to post and/or respond to a lot of people!!! I have been having some MAJOR technical difficulties over here! My patience is wearing out really fast! My pc keeps freezing up and shutting down... Yahoo!Mail is up to something 'cause it has not been cooperating with me to let me check my email at all... I keep having to go thru the the old fashion 'classic' way... I've read a few emails, but then it won't let me respond to anybody!!! Aaaaahhh!!! I think that there are about 16 more emails that I haven't been able to see :( I am typing as fast as I can to get this posted asap! I hope y'all can forgive me - I am trying to do the best I can... I think that I'm going to steal hubs laptop tomorrow so I can at least catch up on correspondence!!! I have cards/challenges to post, I've missed quite a few deadlines.... I'm sooo frustrated - grrrr! Ok, going to post now before the pc won't let me!
Hope to see/talk to y'all soon :)
LOL! BTW!... my darling hubs got me a new cell phone... all of my contacts are in the old phone! +plus+ this thing is a touch screen thingy and I can't get it to do anything I need it to! LOL!, but that's just me... I'm no good with technology! So much to do :)


Rina said...


I feel for you...sheesh! (lol).

Heidi Van Laar said...

That can be so frustrating! I was computerless for about a month last year because of a major crash! I think I went through withdrawls!

Sara said...

I KNOW!!!! I have no clue what is up with this Yahoo! mess but it is driving me bonkers! I had to restart my computer about a dozen times today because my yahoo kept freezin' up.
Fortunately things got done lol.


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