Monday, December 08, 2008

My Yummy Stuff!!! (RAKs, Swap, Prizes...)

Wooo hooo! Lookie all the stuff I got over the weekend!!! I finally opened all of my packages today! LOL!, I know, I know, how could I put it off 'til today - I just wanted to be able to sit peacefully and really enjoy myself - I was going to try to wait 'til my B'day... LOL!, yea right!!!

<--- Here's my prize from Jen at Little C's!
I love it all! The stamp is huge and sooo cute! And I cannot wait to put those lil' flowers, beads and buttons to use :)

<--- Here's the 3rd card (from Jen N. who doesn't blog yet!) from the Winter Card Swap my sis Sara at Everlasting Scraps did - unfortunately, my sisters card to me has been lost in the mail :( I hope that it shows up soon!

<--- and here's what I received from winning the comment portion of the Twilight Inspiration Challenges from Tonya at Stamp Happens
The Twilight Illustrated Movie Companion, Twilight Calendar...
<--- see here - it's hanging on my wall already! (hubs is not too happy about that, lol!) and the 'My Vampire can beat your Werewolf' stamp!!! Which is totally perfect since I am sooo pro-Edward!!!
I soooo very happy!!! I'm a proud Twinerd ;)

<--- I also received this cute lil' Snowman tag-card! I love Snowman's!!! He is sooo cute! I don't know who sent it... I have a guess, but I'm not sure... my first unknown RAK! So sweet of you "Secret RAKer"! Thank you soooo very much! I absolutely adore it :)
The details are exquisite! The coloring is awesome, the snow is great - I have no idea what was used to make the snow! and I love the ribbon!

<--- Ok, ask my lil' sister - she will tell you that it is taking a whole lot for me to show you this pic! I'm a bit of a neat freak and I like to keep my stuff organized - especially my scrap stuff and work area... well here it is - a total mess!!! I've been too 'everything' to clean it up, lol, I have no idea where anything is... how could I start making my Christmas cards when my area is in such chaos?!... There's no room for anything on the desk nor on the chair! You see that chair?! Almost a foot of paper and scraps to sort through!!! You're all lucky - I spared you seeing my lil' storage area, it's soooo much worse! With tissue boxes, cough drop wrappers and other non-related scrap stuff all over the place!
This is my project for tonight - cleaning this mess up so I can get back to scrapping!
Don't forget to come by again tomorrow for Twilight Tuesday!!!


stampvamp said...

Oh how exciting!! I'm so glad you got your stuff!!! Your birthday...somehow I missed that one! YIKES...when is it? Today?

Tammi said...

Wow, lots of fun stuff there! I especially love the stamp, I'm def. team Edward! :)

Sara said...

LOL, you are so funny!

Great job with everything and straighten up that spot already!

LOL, kidding,love you.


Jami {sgtStamper} said... many lovely goodies! And I can hardly believe you call your craft area a mess...I'd be totally embarrassed to show you my little corner of chaos!!
hugs, Jami

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