Saturday, January 10, 2009

Saturday's Project 365 Update

Here are my Project 365 pics for the rest of this past week!!!

Thursday, 8 of 365: Riley James Burke
Here's my lil nephew, Riley! He has been a part of the family for over a year now... He has just recently started to come over for visits :) Look how cute! and so very well behaved!
Friday, 9 of 365: My "New" Sewing Machine
Ok, soooo... on a very boring day, Nicky and I were watching HSN - which I NEVER watch!... and this sewing machine came on... I wanted to change the channel, but Nicky wouldn't let me, he wanted to watch the lady sew. After a few minutes, he said that he wanted to buy it for Mama... I asked, "Why?"... and the answer was: "Cause I want to give her a present and I think that she needs it." How can you argue with that! It cost less than 20 bucks and the demo was very convincing... So, I bought it for Mama... A few months go by and... Mama never used it... soooo - I asked for it back! I know, I know - bad daughter, LOL! But she has a good one now ;) and Nicky is happy for me to "practice making buttons on shirts", lol! and I've been craving it for my scrappy stuff!
Now, I need someone to give me lessons... hmmmm...

(Today) Saturday, 10 of 365: Cookie Monster
Daddy and Nicky made my fave cookies for dessert tonight - chocolate chip!!! Daddy put the cookies on a plate to cool off and placed the plate on the coffee-table. Can you see what happened to them?
Look very closely...
I asked Matt, "What happened to the cookies?"
He looked at me and sweetly said, "The cookies broke, mommy. Me broke the cookies."
Almost each cookie had a bite in it!
We have a Cookie Monster in our house... his name is Matthew :)
Hope you in enjoyed our pics ;)
Don't forget to stop by next Saturday for the next week's pics!!!


Tammi said...

Too funny that there's a bite out of all those cookies!!! :) So cute!

Jami {sgtStamper} said...

Hee should hear me laughing about those cookies. At least there's some my house that plate would be e-m-p-t-y!
hugs, Jami

Cheryl said...

Nice to meet a fellow Project 365 scrapper! I unfortunately did not make it to the kit before they sold out, but I'm using the digital downloads from Becky's site to make my own.

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