Monday, May 25, 2009

Life Just Got Busier!!!

Meet the newest addition to our family!!!...

Miley Rose
She is a Yorkie Poo!
LOL! Funny - right!?
She's half Yorkshire Terrier and half Poodle!
YEA! There's another female in the house! ;)
I'm not alone anymore with all these boys:
DH, 5yo, almost 3yo, Nemo (bird), Wall-E (bird #2) and Theodore (hamster)!
;) I'm looking forward to adding a bit more pink to my scrappy mess!
This is going to be such a huge learning experience for everyone!
Neither my hubs nor I have ever had a dog! Nothing more than small animals of any kind, lol!
We're a lil nervous... but look at these 2 lil faces...

Happy Boys!!!

Who can resist!?!?

Happy Memorial Day!!!

Thank you to all who participated/commented on the Cards For Heroes Blog Hop!

God Bless our troops and their families :)

~ margie


Loni said...

adorable doogle and extremely happy boys!

Erica said...

She is too cute. You will have to keep sharing updates and photos. Congrats on the new girl/addition to the family!

Steph said...

oh Margie! she's adorable!!
A dog is a wonderful addition to a family! The boys must be thrilled :)

Beth Norman said...

And what a cute yorkie poo she is! I love puppies, as you know from my blog. Didn't you just love the feather boa I had Snow dressed in? LOL. Your boys are so gorgeous! Look at their big eyes. I could just hugh them up--I love kids!

Maria said...

Oh your new pup is adorable. We have two dogs and honestly, they can be a lot of work. . they're just like kids. LOL! But, they make us happy so it's all worth it.

Your kids are adorable. Their smiles speak a thousand words!

Hope you had a wonderful Memorial Day!


Randi said...

OMG!! I just fell out of my chair! She is SOOOOO cute!!! Lucky you!!!
I love Poos and Doodles!! You must keep posting puppy pics!!
Your boys look ovejoyed!

luv2scrap said...

She is adorable!!! Just think of all the scrappin to be done now!!

I love this blog, just found it from Scraptagious, have bookmarked it to check back often!

Have a Blessed Tuesday!

Liszha said...

Oh my god, what a sweetie. Lots to take pics of and make scraplayouts with now!

Dani said...

She is sooooo cute!! I am so glad you have another female in the house. LOL!

Jacqueline said...

Oh goodness is she pure sweetness!! Puppies are great!! You and the fam will have a blast!!!

Heather said...


She is adorable I love her we have a new puppy in our life too and he is so much fun. We have had him and his sister for about 6 weeks now and yesterday his sister went off to my BIL SIL and 2 nephews for their birthdays this year Snickers misses Skittles so much he is not a happy puppy they were so attached I am sure she is sad today too!!!


Risa said...

Your new doggy is too cute and precious..I love her already!

Anonymous said...

OH MY LITTLE NIECE!!!! She is just tooo cute!


Julie said...

Oh my goodness - she is just WAY too cute! Congratulations! The boys look just delighted. I hope you all have a great time with her!

Tammi said...

The boys look so happy and awww, what a cutie pie she is, love her name!

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