Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Oi! Sorry...

Ugh!!! Ok - this is an official warning...
it's gonna get really, really, really whiny right NOW!!!

So... I'm behind on everything!

I'm exhausted!

I can't catch up...

I'm frustrated...

I'm tired...

But... I made this last night...

... it took me FOREVER!!! It's funny now, but it wasn't last night! lol!
Sorry, just a pic for now - I'll post it again with details over the weekend ;)
First time I ever attempted anything like that!
My Slice was begging to be shelved again ;)
Poor thing...

Going to bed now...

1. must try to post Sissy's Scrap Challenge and a few others tomorrow ;) They're done - I just don't have the energy or concentrate to post it all right now.
2. Figure out what is wrong with blogger - keep getting a billion error-type messages...?
3. Pick up dessert for our play-date lunch tomorrow ;)
4. Vacuum
5. Clean Hamster cage
6. E-MAIL!!! I've developed a bad habit of reading and not responding right away! I'm so frustrated with myself!
7. Must break bad habits!!!

Sorry, sorry - the to-do list can go on forever!!! I'll spare you the rest ;)

G'nite dear friends!

Going to sleep off the self-pity now ;)


Tammi said...

Hey, that's cool! Does look like lots of work! Awww, hugs, get a good night's sleep and tomorrow hopefully will look brighter!

Steph said...

Hugs Margie! don't sweat the small stuff...we'll be here when you're ready :)

Anonymous said...

LOL, you're a nut. Slow down sista!
Let me know if you need any help :)


Randi said...

Take a deep breath!!!!

RELAX girl!!

Look at that amazing project you finished!! It looks very time consuming!

I have only received 2 error messages all day, and one of them was when I clicked on your blog. Weird. Hope it gets resolved.

Seriously though, you DESERVE a break after that awesome project!

Risa said...

You are too funny Margie!
Your flowers are sooooooooo pretty! I can only imagine how long to took to assemble them all. No wonder you are tired! On an happier note, your flowers turned out great and I know you are proud!
Have a great holiday weekend!
p.s. Some of your bad habit sound like mine...too funny!

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