Friday, May 29, 2009

Really, really fast...

Hi friends!!!
I've decided to take a bit of a blog-break for the weekend and maybe a few days after...
I've finally caught up with most things, like emails, lol! If I didn't respond to you it may have gotten lost in the 174 emails I had this past week and that's not including all those from last weekend's blog hop - gasp! Please re-email me, I feel really bad that it took me so long to get back to so many!
My to-do list has shrunk in some ways and grown in other parts!

Here's a peek!

1) 3 Card swaps (5ct, 8ct and 9ct)!
2) 4 Thank you cards
3) 2 sympathy cards
4) 5 B'day cards
5) Pics to download, print and share!
6) Clean living and dining room carpet area!
(Bought the machine 2 weeks ago! lol)
7) and every other everyday thing that needs to be done!!!
8) maybe feed the kids too ;)
Isn't she the cutest?!?! We've been lucky! She was wee-wee pad trained within the first 2 days! (only until she gets her shot, then we will train her to go outside)... she has slept through the night with no accidents or whining! and has not ripped anything apart (yet!)!!! She's a good puppy! Miley Rose is going to her first vet visit today! Wish us luck :)

Tonight is also Scrappy Night at the elementary school! It's themed for Father's Day - I still have to get all my stuff ready for that! and I'll share sometime next week! along with what we made last month - I have to get that finished this weekend too!

Ack! Just remembered that Nicky has T-ball pics tomorrow morning at 915am!!! Must add that to the reminder list too!!!

Going now - taking 2 Tylenols, picking up Nicky from Pre-K, lunch, vet, shower, dinner, scrapping and then passing out!
Must remember to set alarm clock for tomorrow morning... sigh...

Have a fab weekend!!!
Love you all!!!


Tammi said...

Whew! You busy girl, take time to breathe a little! :) Miley Rose is a cutie, glad she's training so well, hope it keeps up. Hugs, have a good weekend.

Risa said... certainly have a full plate on your hands! I'm jealous that you get to take a blog break..when I feel the need, I simply stay away for a couple of days.
Enjoy your rest and thank you for sharing the cute picture of Miley Rose, she is adorable!!!

Randi said...

Seriously?!?! Do you have some superhero powers we don't know about? You are amazing! I cannot wait to see all these creations! (Oh, and we should get our Twilight swaps soon, whoohoo!)

The puppy is just TOO cute!! Give her some squooshes for me.
And, you get some rest!
Have a wonderful weekend!

Beth Norman said...

Ok, that's not fair that she was puppy paid trained in two days. Snow is 8 months old and isn't trained yet. She hits the puppy pad about 80% of the time. The other time, she picks a new spot in the house. Very frustrating. Miley is so adorable.

Jamee said...

i cant wait to see your creations when you get back to blogging!

Maria said...

Sometimes a few days break is good for the soul! LOL! Hey, speaking about emails. . .I'm so behind and feel so guilty that I haven't responded to a lot of them. Argggh! There's not enough time to do it.

Your doggie is adorable. He is definitely photogenic.

Enjoy your time off Margie!


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