Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!!!

LOL!!! Sorry for the empty post! I accidentally hit the button... again! ;)


Meet darling hubs, Dino, daddy to Nicky and Matt ;)
He's been a lil jealous lately, wondering if I'd ever include him on my blog...
every once in a while, he reminds me that "my boys" are really "our boys" and that they didn't appear out of thin air! lol! Yea!, I know, between the 2, I was in 34 hours of labor - a lil hard to forget ;)
DH ended up spending 3 hours today putting together the new TV stand! lol!
"It's a Daddy job, Mommy"
That's what Matt said when I offered to put it together! LOL! and so, who can argue ;)

Love ya honey!!!

... and here's my Dad, my Papi, my boys Papa!Papa did a Senior Games Marathon last Sunday. Unfortunately, we were not able to go and watch, but our boys and I waited patiently to hear how well he did! He did the 5k Race Walk and came in 1st in his age (65-69) group!!! As you can see in the pics, Nicky and Matt are sooo proud of their Papa! and it was sooo cool to see and try on his gold medal! It's all they talked about for days :)

I hope y'all had a fabulous day with your loved ones!

We ended up having a buggy kinda day...

... more on that story later ;)

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Risa said...

You have a beautiful family Margie! Your dad really looks great and Congratulations to your dad for winning the 5K race!!! TFS!!!

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