Monday, June 08, 2009

Welcome to Drama Island!

Good afternoon ladies and gents :)
First, let me start by saying THANK YOU to ALL who love my new bloggy makeover!!!
I really like this one too! It fits my personality a lot better ;)
The other style, pink with black swirly/flowery thingys, seemed a bit 'stuffy' looking for me! LOL! Hope y'all like and enjoy the new one!

Ok, here we go...

Welcome to Drama Island Day!First up, we have here a very cute pic frame... Ummm, kinda... yesterday, someone decided to take a Stamping Up Marker (Bravo Burgundy) and trace around all the chipboard pieces and add a lil burgundy coloring to the squirrel! Ahem... nameless lil 5yo boy (pictured, far right) decided to "help" and add a lil color to the chipboard pieces! LOL!

Not too bad! Could've been worse ;) It's his to put in his room however way he chooses! and he loves it!

... okay, this time was it was brilliant and cute... but next time - there might be a time-out ;)

PLEASE, No alterations without permission!

Second on deck... this is hilarious!
My poor lil Matt tripped and scraped his knee earlier today! Now I know that for your average kid - he would cry a lil, get a band aid, maybe a cookie and all will be good again :)
Not my kids! They never get hurt! This is Matt's first official, really hurt, blood oozing scrape! Yes!, he almost made it to the age of 3 without ever getting his knees scraped up! LOL!
He'll be 3 in 2 weeks!
See pic above - he's soothing and hiding his knee! He doesn't want anything or anyone to touch - not even the band aid!!! I think that is why my boys are sooo careful, they hate band aids more than anything else! After each immunization shot, I would always have to remind the doc not to put band aids on him, unless he wanted them to not like him even more! LOL!
I know, strange... but don't we all have odd lil quirks? ;)

Here he is being cuddled by his Mama.

Oh! The drama! Every time someone looks at him he starts whimpering,

"My leg is broken" - perfect! LOL!

"It's just a lil scrape Matthew! Let's go play!"

"NO!", he said... "Me hurt! Me too tired!"... 10 minutes later he fell asleep! My boy hasn't napped since he turned 2 !!! Maybe having a dramatic moment pays off ;)

Sooo, I thought that Matt would wake up all happy and refreshed after his nap!


He's whimpery and doesn't want to walk! He's finally hopping around on one leg! LOL!

Oh, the drama we've gone through today!

This is going to make an awesome layout or mini album ;) hee hee

Thanks for stopping by today!
I've been very busy! and ready for sharing :)


luv2scrap said...

Love the frame!!!
And boy can I remember the days of boos boos and band aids! My boys are 22 and 18, and if Mom is around, with every injury they are dying! lol

Steph said...

aww, poor Matt. but seriously, that's his first knee scrape? that's pretty incredible! My sister basically had band-aids permanently attached to her knees from age 1.5 - 8!.
Hope he feels better!

Anonymous said...

hahahahha...i LOVE it! LOVE it! poor kid...hahahahhaha...sorry. AHEM. I love your new blog background and header! Absolutely PERFECT! It's adorable and fun. just like you!

Regan said...

LOL, my Lola is quite the Drama queen too!!

That frame is amazing

Alison said...

Your new blog looks awesome! So cute! And I love the frame!

Julie said...

Wow -- it looks like you have put a TON of work into your blog -- great job! Poor baby boy! My daughter only recently got over her aversion to band-aids too, thankfully!

Anonymous said...

LOL oh Matthew-what are we going to do with you lol.

He's a tough cookie- he was over it in like 2 minutes right?

See you guys later :)


Risa said...

I love the new look of your blog Margie and your new photo is beautiful as well!
Your son is adorable!! Thanks for sharing the pics. of his handy work..too cute!

Heather said...

What a cute story!!! I thought just girls were dramatic!!! Great with my 7 year old and 4 year old girls I thought the 1 year old was going to be less dramatic!!!

Great now I have to worry about more drama!!! LOL!!!!!!

TFS Margie,


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