Thursday, July 30, 2009

Another one to share...

This one was written over a year ago and published in a poetry magazine... it's still one of my faves that occasionally pops back into my head...
I have to admit, I always hesitate before hitting the 'Publish Post' button... my poems do mark specific moments in my life - whether it was life-altering or not... it's not an easy thing to do sometimes...
I have cards and layouts that reflect private moments too, I packed those away today... maybe when I unpack them I'll take some time to take pics and share... we shall see ;)
Seeking the Sun
Fire burning in the sky
Way up high
Far to touch
Ever glowing is your warmth
Why, Oh why?
Out of reach
My love for you is what I preach
Tell me sir - When will I know?
What I hold so close to me
Will be returned?
Warmth on me beaming brightly
Within my sight softly hugging
Needing to be loved so deeply
Is what I need
Brilliant rays soaking through
For eternity
Bleed for me
My glowing sun
Margarita Cortina
Copyright 2008

Hmmm, when it was published it caused a bit of a stir and received mixed interpretations - sad, hope, desire...
Let me know what y'all think :)

BTW - Moving day is Saturday!!! Yea!!! As of the minute I wake up - I won't be around much, tons of stuff to do... but I do have some posts that I scheduled ahead of time!

Missing y'all already :*)


Sara said...

when was this written???? i need more detail lol- email me :)

i like it bunches but fear i may be interpreting your view differently-I want to know yours!


Donna Maria said...

Oh wow Margie I just read your beautiful poems...What beautiful words you have....I don't know about criticisms....I think you and they are wonderful....Xx

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