Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Late Night Poetry Posting...

... Ugh! It's past midnight and I'm still up! LOL! I'm so wired to get things done, I've been having a hard time winding down and getting to bed at a decent time!

With most of my own things already packed, I don't have an outlet to create and express myself - which is hard due to the fact that creating/blogging and reading is what I have come to depend on to relieve stress and relax ;)

As I am coming soooo very close to my 1 year blogoversary :) I realized that I had wanted to use this blog for so much more than scrapping and cardmaking...

Sooo, now I introduce to you another side of my bumbling ol' self... a side of me that remained quiet for a few years - I don't know why, maybe I was too busy? or just didn't have anything to say??? I've never really shared my poetry and drawings with people, other than family... but finding my old notebooks and drawing pads triggered something in me... and I actually wanted to share it :)

... this is what came out of me tonight ;)

Enjoy Your Wings

Would you like to go for a walk now
and pass through these lonely gates
Where would you like to go for a walk now
Have you thought as to where you would lay

Let’s look for the moonlight
Shining down on your long lost path
What plans do you think you deserve now
Let's read the lines in between your tears

Why would you like to go for a walk now
Stop questioning what you deserve
Have you ever felt so alone now
Lay your head down next to mine

How would you like to go for a walk now
Lets get together and look for the light
The moon is waiting for your show now
Stand tall and scream out your desires

Let's skip down the road to nowhere
and leave all your troubles behind
Hold my hand and let the air touch your insides
Let love guide your mind to the sky

~ Margarita Cortina

Hmmm... so, what do you think???

Comments, criticism and your interpretations are most welcomed!

... but I must say that I am definitely not no English major of any kind, lol!
I just go with the flow... like a storyteller ;)

Hope you likey :)


Jacqueline said...

Margie, this is beautiful! I love poetry of any kind, so touching! I hope things calm down for you soon! hugs!

Alison said...

Just beautiful. I used to write a lot too...so your questions are fitting. Why haven't I??? I especially loved the last stanza. It conjured up beautiful images. Keep writing Margie!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, Margie. This is beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing it. To be honest, I want to spend some time thinking about these beautiful lines. I had several images,memories, and thoughts come to surface. Now I have to sort them out! Keep writing girlfriend. You are a wonderous person!

Leigh (Modern Mommy) said...

This was beautiful. I'm so glad you decided to share! It ALMOST made me want to write poetry again. But I think I'll spare you. ;)

Eve said...

Thanks for sharing Margie! Sometimes it is not easy to do that- but everyone enjoys it so much when you do!

Anonymous said...

that was beautiful- I remember all of the writings and drawings you shared with me when I was younger and I know I didn't understand much of it then, but come on out girl and show the world whatcha got!!!!

You are beautiful and talented and that poem was incredible.

I can't wait to

Sara, your lil sissy

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