Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Who, What, When, Why, Where and How...?

I'm sorry, I don't know what is happening to my blog...

... and I don't understand what blogger is trying to tell me either...

What I do know is that things like blinkies, badges, links, etc. were slowly disappearing... and I was getting spam stuff too.

I'm still all stuffy and sneezy... and now I have a headache, ugh!

Thank you to ALL who have sent me well wishes for my boys and I!!!
... and also, thank you for all your blog tips too!
I still don't know whether or not to re-build here or move to another blog spot...

Boys are feeling sooo much better! I'm so happy and grateful for that! :)
Matt still doesn't have his voice back, but he's happy and playing just like his normal lil self :)

Oh, and we just discovered that Miley Rose does not like to be alone during thunderstorms and that we should definitely have her nails trimmed before the next storm rolls in ;) LOL!

Hope y'all are doing well!!!


Tammi said...

Uh oh on Miley Rose! eek! :) Sorry your still miserable, at least the boys are doing better, that's good! Hope you can get this all worked out. ~Hugs

Maria said...

Hey Margie! I'm sorry that you're having blogger problems. Could it be the template that you were using? Sometimes the pre-made templates run out of bandwidth when too many people use the same template. It had happened to one of my old blogs. . . links didn't disappear but the headings and labels no longer had images or color. It's safer to build your own template rather than using a pre-made template.

If you move to typepad. . .and pay for their services. the problem is when you stop paying for the service, your blog is deleted so you'll lose your blog.

Good luck! I hope you feel better soon!


Jamee said...

i hope you are all feeling better really soon!!!

Risa said...

Hi Margie,
I'm sorry to hear that you are still under the weather! What a bummer!!
I sure hope that you are feeling better soon and back to your bubbly disposition.
What a pain Blogger can be at times. I sure hope the problem is fixed and soon!
Have a safe and happy holiday!

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