Friday, August 07, 2009


Yea! That's me screaming and yelling like a banshee!
I'm trying not to cuss ;) too much, lol!
I've been searching thru EVERYTHING for my camera wire thingy to hook up to my laptop and download my pics!
Yes, I've finally made a few cards :) Yippee!
I hope to be able to catch up this weekend and play along starting next week ;)
Sooo much to share!
... if I can only find the dang wire... sigh...
I've missed y'all!
Hope you've missed me too ;)
hee, hee!!!


Cheryl said...

Oh, I've been there- it's so frustrating! Good luck, friend!

Dani said...

I have missed you!!! :)
Hope you find your cord soon!

Donna said...

Yes we missed you!!! Can't wait to see what you have made honey....Xx

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