Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Twilight Tuesday Inspiration Challenge 46

Happy Twilight Tuesday to you!!! :)
I'm sorry I'm late with this and also not prepared... we had to take our 5yo to the ER last night, but all is fine now and he's almost back to his old self again :) Annoying his lil brother while watching Scooby-Doo ;)

Motorcycles & Friendship

"Have you ever worked with someone and an unexpected friendship developed? In New Moon by Stephenie Meyer we watch such a friendship bloom between Bella and Jacob as they rebuild a pair of old motorcycles. I love seeing them change from good acquaintances to having a deep, loving friendship.
I also love hearing about the motorcycles! There is just something them. While the Cullens had their fast cars, Bella and Jacob had their motorcycles!

Challenge portion: Please choose one...
1. Make a project involving motorcycles - or -
2. Make a project that you work on with a friend.

Comment portion: Again, please choose one or both...
1. Tell us about any motorcycle experience you have! - or -
2. Tell us about a friendship of yours that came about from working together.
Sorry, but my project isn't ready, I hope to finish it up later either after Nicky's follow up appointment or after dinner ;)
But here's my comment ;)
... As much as I have always wanted to ride a motorcycle, I have always also been too chicken-shit to actually hop on ;) LOL!
BUT! If Edward or Jasper were to come around, believe me, I will never say no ;) hee, hee!!!

Also, don't forget to check out this week's Twilight Tuesday Sketch 11!!!
I have a card for this too - almost done!!!
I love this sketch!!!

Now, go on and check out the amazing Team's blogs and creations!!!
Thanks for stopping by!!! Enjoy :)


Dani said...

I am happy to hear your 5 year old is on the road to recovery! :)

Alison said...

I hope your little man gets better soon!!!

Jacqueline said...

Oh no Margie, I hope Nicky is on the way to getting better! ER and kids are a scary combo! thinking of you guys!

Donna said...

I always find Scooby Doo very good therapy...Hope the little man is much better Margie....Xx

Linda said...

Hey Margie! Hope your little guy is feeling better real soon! If he's already annoying his little bro he must be feeling better! Take care of yourself too and if you need a little break, I posted another Pocket Edward Hawaiian Adventure! Aloha ~ Linda

P.S.: Please send any and all of your TWILIGHT friends to our Pocket Edward's Hawaiian Adventures blog. We need more followers and comments! LOL! Thank you!

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