Monday, December 14, 2009

Twilight Tuesday is getting Scrappy!

Twilight Tuesday now has a Scrapbooking Challenge!

Brought to you by our sweet Alison...
"I am so excited about these new challenges. Every other Monday, I will be giving you a new topic. This topic will be taken from the pages of the wonderful Twilight Saga, and then I will reinterpret it to fit into our “real” lives! Next, YOU get to make a scrapbook page(s) about the topic! We want to know about you and your life! But, you can of course, make it about the books/movies as well! It’s up to you! We want you to have fun!!!"

"On to the first challenge… The wolf pack is made up of brothers. Not brothers by blood, but by the situation that binds them together. They are a family unto themselves. So, who’s in your pack? Who’s by your side no matter what? Is it your best friends? Maybe it’s actually your blood relatives! Are you a part of an extended military family where those on base with you are your new pack? Make a scrapbook page(s) or mini album about this very important bond!"

Take a look at Alison's and Erica's beautiful layouts! and then don't forget to submit your layout HERE!

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to make the time to create my layout for today... but here's a few pics that I want to use  :)

My beautiful little sister, Sarabeth... she's always been my shining light, my inspiration, my love :)
I know that no matter what - we will always be there for each other...

Just as I know that these two boys will always have that brotherly bond too...

We had cake last night for Nicky :)  and he let his lil bro help him blow out the candles too! That is definitely true brotherly love!

Happy 6th Birthday our lil Nicky!!!

Happy Monday everyone!
See y'all later for Club Anya's blog hop!!!


Anonymous said...

thanks my love :)
i love you too and you are the bestest sissy ever!!!!!

i love that pic of nick and matt in their gi joe shirts!

Happy Birthday Nicky!

Me :)

Alison said...

Really cute pics! Thanks for sharing!!!

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