Wednesday, January 20, 2010

He's baaack... My Mini-Guest Designer :)

Good evening :) Sorry it took so long today for me to get this posted, but my mini-guest designer has been sick with a virus and double-ear infection and it took until late this afternoon for him to take pics of his cards, created this past Monday, with word-for-word directions as to what to say and how to post them, LOL!

So here he is! My lil guest designer for the day... Nicky!!!

"Hi again, my name is Nicky and I am now 6 years old... I have some projects I want to show you now :)"

"My first project I had to make for my class project for school last week. We read stories about a snowman, so we had to make one too... I used lots of stuff from Mommy's stuff - I promise, she let me use it :)"

(look closely, he loves my Papertrey Ink Buttons and Making Memories flowers and trims!!! LOL!)

"My Tio {uncle} Sean hurt his leg and the doctor had to fix it last week, I miss him and hope he gets better soon. I made Tio Sean a card to tell him... I think that glitter glue is really cool! Crayola makes cool colors for kids like me, you should buy it, it makes your projects cooler!"

(Nicky is very sentimental, he doesn't like to talk about when anyone is sick or hurt...)

(Oh! and you can find those lil aliens and ships at Prairie Fairy!)

"This is my cherry icecream... why don't they make pink, fluffy cherry icecream?
I think I would like it plain..."

(Hence, the plain card, hee, hee!)

"This is my Harry Potter card! He makes magic and likes to fly on brooms!"

(Image above and below can be found at Pink Cat Studio Digital.)

"And this is my dinosaur card project! He wants to go to school and learn and grow up to be a T-Rex soon!"

"Thanks for looking at my projects today! I had fun making it all!... and I'm feeling better, just coughing and stuff. BYE!"

LOL! There you have it my friends! My little Nicky is growing up so fast! and I love him for letting me grow up with him :)
I just got the okay to go ahead and post - he made sure that it all looked good first ;)
I love my lil munchkins!!!

And yes, lil brother Matt was around and creating at the same time, but he doesn't want to take pics or show you, lol! He doesn't want people to see it yet! LOL!

Thanks for stopping by! I'm sure you can guess that any and all comments would very much be appreciated!!!



Michelle U said...

Margie he is adorable and his work is so awesome! TFS!


Piali said...

WOW!!!Nicky..You are an awesome artist. Love all of them...the icecream is so yum! Your Harry Potter rocks!!! ...and the Dino is fantastic.
Please don't enter them for blog challenges..then we won't have any chance to will take all the awards.
Keep up the good work...use some copics from Mommmy( just don't tell her I gave you the idea).

Big hugs...

Kimberly S said...

How fun, and what a cutie! Great artwork, and wonderful that he wants to share! :)

Cheryl said...

Nicky, your projects are awesome!!! I think your snowman is my favorite, but I also really like your Harry Potter card. He's one of my favorite characters. Give your mommy a big hug for me... I miss her! Keep crafting (and sharing your pictures with us)!

Raven said...

Isnt it such a joy to watch our babies creating so freely. I absolutly love his work and my 7 year old said wow that kid has talent. lol :)
Big Hugs,

tina said...

OMG, Margie, he's precious. My Cristian had ear infections & they were NO FUN. (((hugs)))

Randi said...

Nicky your projects are rockin awesome!! What an amazing artist you are becoming! I love them all, but I especially love the little dinosaur card!

Amber said...

Amazing job Nicky! You are so creative and I love your projects!

Cor* said...

Good Job Nicky. Hope you get better soon!

Lori said...

Well Margie, Wow, you have a cutie patootie guest designer over there and amazingly talented. I am loving the snowman the 'mostest', great work Nicky!!!!

the whimsical butterfly said...

Awww isn't he CUTE?? LOVE his creations and I always love reading kids' notes and handwriting. It's the best, isn't it?

Christi said...

OMG how precious!! I love everything!!!

LORi said...

WOW are the best GD ever!!! I love all of your creations!! I am so happy you are feeling better!!

Thanks for inspiring us this week!!!

Big Hugs - LORi

Risa said...

Hi There Nicky,
You are very talented and all of your cards rock! Thanks for sharing your beautiful cards with us and I sure hope that you are feeling better soon:)
Big Hugs

Yvette said...

Awe how SWEET!!!

Nicky, you are one mighty fine designer!!! I LOVE your projects that you created! Maybe Mom can feature you more often! ;)

Amy said...

Nicky, you are a card making rock star! These all look AMAZING! And I totally agree about the glitter glue it does make everything look better! : )

Jessa said...

He does fantastic work! I think he'd get along well with Caleb who is ALWAYS creating something!

Lori said...

Thank you for showing us all your work, Nicky! You have made some awesome projects! I really like the stars you added and your coloring is fabulous!!! I hope to see more of your work again.
Love and hugs ~ Lori

Roberta Laliberte said...

WOWzers! what a talent MOM!

Pinkllilac said...

Hi Marge love your guest designer he's so so cute and what awsome projects he had to show us, hope to see more of your talents Nicky.
Hugs Linda

Tammi said...

Wow!! Lots of fun cards Nicky and the snowman is really awesome, I love snowmen! :) Hope your feeling better! Have a nice day!

iluvmybugs said...

Nicky your cards are great and I love that snowman!!! Keep up the good work...look forward to your next GDT spot!!! :-)


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