Monday, March 01, 2010

Prairie Fairy "Baby" Sale!!!

From the owner, Roberta...

"Here is how it goes. I am having a celebration sale.
I want to celebrate the UP COMMING birth of Corry's baby, my BFF!
As you may know I am going to be her birthing coach and I can hardly wait.
I would almost argue that I am more excited than her LOL!

The deal is, make a minimum purchase of $10.00 and get 20% off your ENTIRE ORDER!
The discount is already active in the store.

This sale is in effect until Corry has her baby!!!
That's right, till the baby is BORN! Her due date was the 28th of Feb and she was late for both her previous kids soooo maybe you have one day to get in on this action maybe a week, who knows!
(I hope not for Corry's sake!)"

Congrats and Best Wishes to Corry!!!

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