Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A Word-y Update...

Happy Tuesday!!!
Wellllll... kind of, lol!

Sorry, I still don't have a card or anything to share...
just a bit of an update and well, a huge mess to look at, lol!
We're all still sick, but doing much, much better!
Thank you for all your get-well wishes :)

My lil Matt is finally at a 100% and just needs to finish his antibiotics today :)
My big boy Nicky has the worst allergies this season already, and to top it off,
woke up this morning with a virus... he's already feeling much better,
but is so sad to always being missing so much school... 

Me? LOL, let's just say that my body is over-tired and can't make up it's mind,
it feels like a cold, but it also feels like allergies,
so maybe I have a combo of both!
Leave it to me to be that unique ;)  

Moving along...
Hold on to your seats ladies and gents!
I am about to show you my crafty mess!!!
Just a lil reminder that my lil area is right in the middle of my living room, lol!
So hubs has been rolling his eyes and hiding in the bedroom to watch TV 
(see?! He's learned to keep quiet about it, hee hee!) and
my dear Mom (the neat/clean-freak) cringes when she comes over
 and can barely contain herself from cleaning it all up herself ;)  

LOL! These pics actually make it look not so bad!
Beleive me, it's a whole lot worse in person!
And I can't find a darn thing!!!
What's not good - both my cutters are on the floor! Bad!
I'm so lucky that my boys are so good and never touch anything...

My desktop is full of colored images and stamps...
I must get my laundry done today and then clean this all up!
No cold, allergy or fever is going to keep me away from it ;)

I hope to have a card to share with y'all by tonight -
which, if I do, means that I cleaned all this up!
Yea, what an accomplishment that would be for today ;)

In the meantime, please take a look at my right side-bar and pay a visit to one of my DTs
or on my left side-bar and visit my inspiring friends, challenges and favorites :)

Wish me luck!!!
hugs :*)


Margreet said...

Good luck Margie with cleaning that 'mess'....I'm looking forward to your card, so I know you did clean!!!
So good you and your boys are feeling better now!
xxx Margreet

Pryn said...

You call that a mess? lol! It still looks good to me...then again, you should be asking yourself what my idea of 'looking good' is...tee hee! Hope you are all on your way to good health! Sending you giant get well hugs!!!!

Cor* said...

Oh Margie, this looks like my mess when I am in the middle of something. The difference is I HAVE to clean it up after each project or we don't eat meals together, as my work space is our dining room!! haha!! What we do in the name of creativity.

Jodi said...

I'm so happy to hear that everyone is doing better!! My area is a mess just after I have created only one card... I think it depends how much I add to it and if I can't decide what to use!
Jodi =)

camilynn said...


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Amy said...

I'm happy to hear you're all starting to get better..Looks like some pretty cute colored images there..can't wait to see what you make with them!!

Anonymous said...

what a mess lol...hope you guys are doing better :)


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