Thursday, June 16, 2011

I eHat Blogger :p

I am having a blogger moment!!!
Actually, I've been having this moment on and off for over 3 weeks now, grrrr!
The most problematic issue right now is commmenting!
When I try to leave a comment, it says I have to log into Google...
I log in... it says "Anonymous" and kicks me back out again to redo my login, ugh!!!
and not everyone has the option to let you leave a 'url' instead... oh well...
I haven't been able to post since my last post either... so frustrating!
and to top it off, my fave camera ever has decided to take its last pic earlier this week :(

... {insert HUGE sigh here}...

So I've decided to take the rest of the week and weekend to relax and figure out what is up with Blogger, geesh!

Hope you all enjoy your TGIFs/weekend
and have a wonderful Father's Day with all the loves in your life :)
See you (hopefully) on Monday ;)


Danni said...

Are you using IE as your browser? If so that could be your problem. I use to have trouble so over a year ago I switched to Firefox and now I rarely have problems. Just a thought.
Enjoy your weekend!!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

I agree with Danni... Mozilla is not having issues (not that I have heard about...and I have it and haven't had any issues)... and I have also heard Google Chrome will help... also I have heard if people have the comments embedded under their post it will have that issue... pop up comment window will fix that... sorry about your camera too! :):):):):):):):):):):):)

Cor* said...

try unchecking the "keep my signed in " box. That has worked for some. Not sure what the heck is up with blogger! UHHH!! Enjoy your week off!

Sonia said...

Margie if you using Internet Explorer you will have that problems.. you can use another browser and you don't have problems.
I chance to Google Chrome (another browser) but you can choose another like Godzilla (i think that is the name, sound funny, lol!!)
Enjoy the weekend!
Greetings from PR

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