Sunday, August 24, 2008

My Very First Swap Card...

Oh, don't laugh... lol, this is the very first card I ever made for a card swap. Isn't she a beauty?! My sister let me pick through her stuff and then I added my own white paper, white ribbon and flower w/brad (from Making Memories). I made it all myself - all 10!!!

Yes, I made 10 cards to swap. I don't know what I was thinking! I didn't even own a stamp or ink pad at the time!

How was I to make 10 cards?!


This is my first born - my baby - and I am going to frame it somewhere to remember, the beginning of a new era...

I haven't come too far yet... I still only own 1 whole acrylic stamp set with a few wooden singles on the side. BUT - I now know what a Staz-on ink pad and just bought one last week.
Oh!... and thanks to my new friend Scarlette (whom I met at a scrap meet) - she told me what copic markers are - lol... seriously, we were chatting on the phone about different scrappy things and I just had to ask - I had no clue. I kept reading about them over and over on a few blogs and kept thinking 'what is a copic marker and what makes them sooo special'... lol. Now I know, thanks Scarlette! ;)

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WhimsicalThoughts said...

Congrats on your first card swap! you did a great job :)

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