Sunday, August 24, 2008

My Memory Works Catalog...

Here's what my catty looks like now! LOL... a lil' scary... each color tab means something different. Ummm... I think that the purple tabs 'is what I need' (lol), yellow is what I have and orange is my 'still thinking about it' (which means I'll need it if I don't get it - Right? ha, ha!)

The Memory Works catalog runs from '08/'09 - there will be a supplement catty coming out in October '08 listing new/additional items...

For a limited time - my catalogs are for free! So, if you would like one - just email me your request with your address! It's that simple :) As of November 1st they will be $3.00.

I know that most people (myself included) don't like to have people selling things and shoving it in their face every 2 seconds... I promise to try not to be or become one of those peeps. Just taking a moment to spread the word and every now and then a quick reminder :)

Thanks for reading!!!

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