Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Technique Workshop

I learned so much at my Technique Workshop last night and somehow I was able to receive my my first official stamp set! I am so happy and excited. I really appreciate Jean's (CTMH instructor) patience and knowledge. She taught us the Retiform, Random Stamping and Versamark techniques. I really liked using the Versamark! We used chalk - and I just loved how you can control the whole color scheme of a stamp that way.
I am going to use what I learned from Jean during the next few days - of course using my new stamp set (thank you Jean!)... I don't have much to work with yet, but I will share what little I will accomplish now and hopefully everyone can watch my work grow and blossom into bigger and better things.
Now, to find the right paper and embellishments to go with my new stamp set... I am so excited to get started!!! It's a good thing that I stocked up on Tombow's refills - 82 feet of non-stop fun! LOL (You can find the Tombow Mono Roller on my website: for $10 and refills for $8 - both are 82 feet). Sorry, but I do have a right to throw a shout out to myself every now and then too - don't I??? ha, ha, ha...

... no luck in the pics department... camera still on the fritz... my sis said that I can borrow her old one; I will have to get her to hand it over much sooner rather than next week... CHEESE!

'til next time everyone!!!

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