Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Why, Oh Why???

Why is it whenever you are ready to do something, that something goes wrong???

My camera was acting up a few days ago. The flash wouldn't do it's job anymore. The last time I used it was during those freaky lightening/thunderstorms we've been having - maybe the lightning damaged it...? I really don't think it could have been the time that the thunder scared me to death and I dropped it on the kitchen floor - nah... that wouldn't do the damage, lol, it must have been the lightning zapping it somehow, some way. But it was only the flashy thingy not working. Now it's not working at all - I've tried 3 sets of batteries. I'm pretty sure that at least one set had to be good. I'm frustrated. I'm not good with tiny electronic things... and this is our 3rd camera in 5 years. I say 'our' because my husband 'accidentally damaged' the first 2!

So, no new pics for a while now. Why, oh why?

Anyway... lol... I have a workshop to go to tonight. I'm really looking forward to it! It should be a lot of fun. My sister is going with me - which is always a plus. It is a stamping techniques class. Like I've said before, scrapbooking is usually paper and stickers for me. So, this stamping stuff is sooo new to me. I had an idea as to what a Versamark Pad is - but I had to look it up and ask my sis to clarify; I guessed right! LOL, Sooo embarrassing! I must learn the lingo to all pertaining to the scrap-world. I am determined to conquer it all - within due time of course. I cannot continue to call everything a "thingy"!This will be my last workshop for a long time though... I have to start packing soon(we are moving Oct. 1st)... but I will still do my own stuff from home.

I was hoping to post a few of my projects on here today, but hence the "Why, Oh Why???" As soon as I can, I will... 'til next time!

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