Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Card Swap Alert!

Hey All! My sis Sara over at Everlasting Scraps is hosting a Card Swap!!! Don't miss out and sign up asap!!!

Here's the info:

-Send Sara an email at: with Holiday Card Swap in the subject line by October 29th.
-Include your name, address, email address, and website/blog address [if you have one].
-By November 3rd, I will have emailed you the names and addresses of up to 5 people to send cards to.
-Winter/Holiday is the theme and your cards must be Handcrafted.
-You can leave the cards blank, allowing your swapping buddies to gift the card or send them some warm wishes.
-Feel free to add some "candy" if you'd like.
-Please try to mail your cards by November 21st!
-Wait patiently by your mailbox!
-Feel free to post what you receive on your blog as a thank you.

Happy swapping!!

Thanks to all who have already signed up to swap with us!!!!! ;)

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