Thursday, October 30, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!!! :)~
Warning: This is a very looooong post ;)

Happy Halloween my friends! :) I know that for some it's not 'til tomorrow, but there are a few of you that are celebrating already ;)

I decided to try something new! (again!, lol!)... I finally got around to trying out the backpack tutorial that everyone seemed to be making when I first started blogging!

I made lil' Halloween backpacks for Nicky's Pre-K Teacher and Teacher's Aide... and I think that I got them right, LOL! I didn't have time to make a 'tester' - so I just dove in head first!

Here's what they look like up close:
I tried to take better pics, but I kept getting a glare on those pockets! I decided to keep it simple - I really love how easy it was and how perfect the tutorials were for me to follow.

Yes, I did say tutorial's' - LOL! I used Tonya's template and followed her video - while reading Julia's step-by-step tutorial - which I printed out, LOL! Both tutorials were sooo helpful! Thank you sooo very much Tonya and Julia!!! You gotta check their bloggys out - beautiful work!!!
Here's what I used:
Creative Imaginations DP, Making Memories polka dot DP, stickers and buttons, Raspberry-Ribbons orange ribbons, K&Company glitter letter stickers, tacky tape and Velcro.
Here's what's inside:
A large post-it notes pad, hi-liter's and pens... just what a teacher needs - right? :)

We thought that it would be sweet if Nicky could bring something to school for Halloween... especially since students are not aloud to bring any outside foods for parties, etc... Remember when we were kids... we had B'day parties, Halloween, Christmas, etc. and parents would bring in cupcakes, Jell-o, candy, etc. Not aloud to anymore - some sort of 'Health' thing now... anyway... so my sis had made a bunch of Halloween cards and brought them over and Nicky sat down and started writing his name: N I C K Y in each one... there are a total of 20 cards! He did great!

Here's some of Titi Sara's cards:

... and here's Nicky hard at work...

He had sooo much fun! Even though he was home from school today dealing with a viral infection - he was still thinking of finishing his 'project' and homework so he can go to Halloween school day tomorrow! Sooo cute!

BTW - my lil' Matt was being a good boy watching the Disney movie Cars - he's suffering with dual ear infections with absolutely no complaints! How do kids do that? Hopefully they will both be up to trick-or-treating tomorrow! They are both Transformers! Nicky is Optimus Prime and Matt will be BumbleBee - that's the yellow car with the black racing stripes! LOL, NOT the actual bug! C'mon, you know what a Transformer is, don't ya?

<--- Optimus Prime

<--- BumbleBee

LOL!... Have a happy and safe Halloween!!! :)


WhimsicalThoughts said...

OMG Margie - I totally love the backpack, i'll have to give that a try! How cute is Nicky writing his name - Poor Matt, hope he feels better soon, Stefani use to get double ear infections when she was little.

Hugs to you and the boys!

Stampvamp said...

First of all, your son is adorable! Second, your mini bp is too! And your cards!! It looks like you were hard at work and it totally paid off!! You ROCK!

Jami {sgtStamper} said...

Super cute backpacks! Nicky is one handsome fella - love that smile!!! Hope the kids are feeling better and get to trick-or-treat!
hugs, Jami

Sara said...

what great back packs!!!! where's mine?

LOL, love you sissy.

Bona said...

I love the backpacks. Super adorable.

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