Thursday, October 23, 2008

Feel better soon Mama!

I just have to share how cute and lovable my boys are...

<--- Look at what my boys made for the Mama :)

Totally Nicky's idea!!! Poor Mama has had the worse cold since last Friday... she's feeling better - hopefully we can see her tomorrow.
The boys really, really miss her - they usually see her twice a day or more - total shock to their lil' systems! :)

<--- Of course, they personalized the insides... Nicky is learning his letters and name :) He writes a tad to BIG - he had to create a 2nd line to finish it!

... and Matt is only 2! He talks when he's writing: "To Mama, Feel better, Love Matthew"

LOL - he's my lil' monkey!

<--- I just had to share this!!!
Nicky's FIRST official homework assignment!!! We had so much looking for pics that start with the letter T.
LOL, originally he didn't want to look for the pics - he wanted to look in my stash for stamps and stickers!!! You can see that he snuck in 2 turtle stickers ;)
AND he is such a lucky lil' boy - he was able to find a Transformer pic!!! That's his thing right now... "Transformers! more than meets the eye..." - he was sooooo very happy to add that to his homework :) LOL!!!


Jami {sgtStamper} said...

Awwww...such sweet cards. Love Nicky's homework too - so cute that he wanted to use your stamps and stickers!!!
hugs, Jami

Anonymous said...

Mom is gonna love the cards! Yahooey to Nicky for his homework! I'm sure he is in love with cutting and gluing!


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