Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Hi, my name is Margie and I am a Twilight-holic... I can't help it! Ask my Mami and lil' sis!!! I've been taken over by the Twilighters! I read all 4 books in less than 10 days!!! <--- That's about 2,500 pages! I don't think I ever read so much in such a short period of time! My sis is starting to lean over to our side too! She is in the middle of reading the 3rd book already!!! AND, I got my mom to give a try too! I have been working on Tonya's Twilight Tuesday Inspiration Challenges... they are already on challenge #7! Sooo my next bunch of posts will be Twilight related :) Since I only did 1 out of the 7 (challenge #6)...

I would like to share a summary of the Twilight story with you so maybe you can understand the challenges... the movie is due out next week... so I am super excited!!!

Maybe you'd like to join us! If not, it's ok... I'll forgive you!... but I don't think that James will! LOL!

Here's a summary of Twilight, the first book of the series:

Isabella Swan (Bella) is a relatively average teenager with a relatively average life. She moves from Phoenix, where she lived with her mother, to Forks, WA to live with dad. But when Bella moves to Forks, her life quickly becomes anything but average. Meet the Cullen kids: Alice, Jasper, Emmett, Rosalie, and Edward - all five of whom attend Bella's new high school in Forks. Classmates explain to Bella that the Cullens band together and rarely interact with anyone besides themselves, but Bella can tell just by looking that there's something peculiar about them. It doesn't take long to discover what it is. Bella and Edward become caught in a tense situation in which Edward rescues Bella from a potentially violent fate. His behavior during this encounter succeeds in raising further suspicions, and eventually, Edward is left with little choice but to confess the truth: that he, and his family, are vampires. The couple grows infinitely close after this revelation, and soon, they realize they're hopelessly in love. But because Edward inexplicably finds Bella's scent exceptionally mouth-watering, his willpower is tested to the breaking point whenever they're near, making Bella's very life the wager hanging in the balance. Bella and the Cullens barely have time to register these life-altering developments when another coven of hostile vampires appear and threaten the lives of all those living in Forks. It falls upon the Cullens to protect Bella as they simultaneously battle to defend themselves and hide their identity.

Hmmm... Sounds a lil' like 'Romeo & Juliet'-esque...
The thing I loved the most about this series is the way the author (Stephanie Meyer) brought sooo much passion to the story without going overboard - it's all innocent, you have to remember that their main target audience are teens... LOL!
Thanks for sticking with me! I have to get to work... and maybe squeeze in some other challenges too!!!

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Eve said...

I am loving your challenges!
Great job-
This sums it up sooo well.
I am trying like blazes to get some people to read these books.........
They will cave soon I hope!

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