Thursday, December 11, 2008

Just Sharing My B'day Stuff...

Even with my stuffy/runny nose and sneezing, lol!, I had a wonderful B'day yesterday!!!
My family probably would say that I wasn't too excited about anything, but what more do you want from a germy person! ;)

All of my boys let me sleep in 'til 10:30am - that's when they couldn't contain themselves any longer, ha, ha... I had a lovely bowl of cereal (Lucky Charms) and then it was present time!
Here's what hubs and the boys got for me!!! {I believe that a certain 'someone' may have helped him, but he is most definitely not telling!!! lol}...

Ta Da... my very own Making Memories SLICE!!!

Isn't it a beauty?! It's all charged up and ready to go... maybe I can find a lil' time later to play ;)Here are my lil' boys :) Sooo happy!... which also makes me happy!... and also so very healthy ;) which makes me even happier!!! I'm so thankful for them - and the rest of my family, hubs, friends, blogfriends... I think you get it ;)

Oooo here's my sissy's card! Isn't it gorgeous?!?! I love it! She posted my card on her blog, I commented on it and never noticed the date on it... I commented on my own B'day card!!! Oi! LOL! She always knows exactly what I want! I finally have the Twilight Soundtrack!!! Books that I want to read - Can you believe that I have never read Wuthering Heights? I have to now - especially since that it was referenced so many times in Twilight! hee, hee! and of course my sis could not leave out a few scrap stuff - I now have a new corner punch thingy from Fiskars and inkadinkadoo Valentine stamps! I haven't even put a dent in my Christmas card list!!!
... and here's a sweet B'day card from my friend Scarlette!!! I love the lil' charm that she made - it blends in, sooo cool!

Can't forget mami! She got me more stuff for my kitchen... my kitchen is 'apple' themed :)

Canisters, scented candle and lil' area rug :)
Ok, I'm done sharing :)

But... I feel like I'm forgetting something... hmmm... something about blog candy perhaps... maybe?... hmmm...



Sara said...

YAY! So glad you liked our presies!!! I couldn't really compete with the SLICE though.

Any who, hope you had a superiffic day and we'll see you soon!!!!


Tammi said...

Happy "late" birthday Margie! You got some fun stuff, not sure what a slice is (don't tell me either, because then I'll think I need one, lol!) Twilight ST! Woohoo! Do you love Rob's voice/songs as much as I do? *sigh* I've listened to them so many times...and I especially love #9. Hope your feeling as good as new soon! hugs

Bona said...

Fun birthday stuff. So happy for you Margie. It's good to see your boys all healthy again. You'll never guess who's hooked on oldest daughter. heehee. She just finished the first book. And of course had to scream it out loud for all of us to hear. lol. Must be a good book. Now Natalie wants to read it.

Jami {sgtStamper} said... got a Slice!! I don't know anyone that has one yet, until now, so you'll have to let us all know how you like it!!!
Hugs, Jami

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