Thursday, January 01, 2009

The Start of Project 365 (1 of 365)

Happy New Year!!!

Let's get this party started!!!

It's sooo exciting to start fresh! Especially with fresh new things and ideas to get you going!

I'm going to tell you about Project 365 :)

First, here's pic 1 of 365:

Pic details: This is what I wake up to almost every single morning - my 2 munchkins jumping into bed with me, telling me that they are either a) "we're hungry" or b) "need to watch Nick Jr.!" It was sooo wonderful and such a blessing to start the new year the same way as any other morning :)

Ok... onto the project's deets:

I was blog-hopping (like I always do!), and landed on The Art of Choosing Joy's new blog post 2 days ago... see post here!

Remember Kolette? She designs $1 stamps for Hampton Arts/Michael Stores :) amongst other great things... Kolette and her husband are a wonderful, very inspiring couple, who after 16 years of marriage are expecting their 1st baby boy in February!
In her post, she says that she wants to 'embrace the experience' of all the changes that her family will be going through this year by 'recording it effectively' by 'capturing this year in a way that she never had before' ... and then mentioned Project 365.

Now hear me out friends! I know that some of you die-hard scrapbookers are going to start rolling their eyes at me and not finish reading my absurdly long post, but I really think that this is a fab idea for both the beginner and novice scrapbooker :)

Project 365 is a modified concept of 'scrapbooking'... it's concept is to totally focus on photos and journaling! While the end result is a "scrapbook", it is not about decorating and designing pages. It's all about photos and journaling only! This is a great idea for those of you who are like me - a beginner still learning the ropes of scrapbooking, too afraid to use her 'good papers' and 'cut pics', lol! It is also a great idea for those, like me again, who are pressed for time.

I plan to do this - a pic a day for every day of the year! To document the big moments of my family and also, all the lil' 'unimportant' moments that gets us to those 'biggies'! I feel that by scrapping in this new way, I will become more aware of my priorities and all the blessings in my life. I truly believe that it's the little things that get you to where you are going in life... Why not scrap them all in some way too!

This idea really hit home! but, how would I store 365 pics and 365 journaling cards? I'm sure that I could come up with something - some sort of album or book...

There are many different ideas out there! Some have chosen to blog their pics and journaling. After the year is done, you can have your blog printed out into a book! This is totally amazing - I've never seen this before... you can see details here at Bloggled

Others prefer an actual album... Becky Higgins of Creating Keepsakes is famous for her Baby and Family 'Kit of the Month' kits... she designed an amazing album with everything needed to create an album for Project 365. The album has a pocket for each and every pic and a pocket for each pics journaling block. You just slip the items in and never need to use any adhesive. You can find out all of the details of the kit on her blog or on the Creating Keepsakes blog to support this amazing project... Kit of the Month: Project 365.

I really love the kit and had to pre-order it - they sold out already!

I definitely plan on using this concept and kit to help me break out of my 'scrapping insecurities' by creating 2 page summary layouts for each month :) Did you think that I was going to continue to horde all of my special DP forever? lol! This is going to be so inspiring and fun :)

So, every now and then expect a Project 365 update from me! Join me if you'd like to - the more the merrier and better ;) You can start any day you want to and go about it any way that fits you best... it doesn't have to be daily - some have chosen to do odd or even days or weekly - whatever is right for you, as long as you can commit to it for the whole year :) and if you cheat a little, it's OK, things happen - you can take an extra pic the next time!

Please let me know what you think! I am really interested in hearing what you all have to say :)

Wish me luck!

BTW! Did y'all know that there is no such word as "journaling"?!?! LOL!


stampvamp said...

This is an awesome idea Margie! Have you considered any digital scrapbooking? I would like to find some time for learning how...

Charlene Austin (Willow01) said...

Oh that is too fun Margie!! I look forward to seeing it unfold each day!

Kazan Clark said...

wow this is fab idea!!! Oh boy I guess I need to start now since it is 2min past midnight :)
I think it is high time the dictionary people start blogging - journaling will quickly become a "real" word

Tammi said...

Cute shot of the boys!

I've done quite a few scrapbooks, just not in the last 2 years, lol, the blog to book sounds cool!!

Sara said...

WHEW! I almost didn't make it to read this entire blog! LOL, i'm kidding.

This is definitely a great idea! Good luck on your 365 day journey with the boyz!


(Happy New Year- we love you!)

Heidi Van Laar said...

Wow! Such a cool idea! I wish you luck and look forward to seeing some of your results!
(-: Heidi

Jami {sgtStamper} said...

Sounds like a great endeavor for the new year! Kolette's blog is very inspiring - I started following her when you shared her blog with me long long ago!! Can't wait to see how you decide to store all those pics/cards!!

Happy New Year my friend!
hugs, Jami

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