Friday, January 02, 2009

I'm NOT Ready!!!... Project 365: #2

Oh man... to be totally honest... I am so not ready!
Here's why:

Look at my desk!!! It's total chaos! and it just keeps on getting worse! I was hoping to finish some much last minute cards and start on new ones by now +plus a challenge or two! Help! You can see stuff hanging off the shelf! Oh my, how embarrassing... but look at all the fab ribbon!!!

This is underneath my desk... my chair... and underneath the chair!!! Can you see my lil' Slice playing peek-a-boo down there! lol! I know, I know! I'm cringing too! How could I do that to Miss. Slice!?! I really need a new way to store everything! Especially those unmounted stamps! How do you remember what you have?!? Rebecca of Bella Carta sent me a few fab ideas - I'm going to have to look into them... so far this ONE looks like the best idea for me!
...thanks Rebecca!!!

This is my boys ol' diaper table - used for scrap storage now... it's not too bad since it's not storing much at the moment, lol! and yes, that's Matt's diapers and wipes in there too! lol!

I REALLY need to organize all of my stuff - I hope to definitely start tonight and finish sometime tomorrow... I'm hoping {crossing fingers}...
DH is off the entire weekend (very rare), I'm hoping for his help to keep the boys busy and out of the room until I'm done :)
Speaking of 'our boys', lol! Here is Project 365 pic #2! Look what I found stuck to my living room wall! Yes, those are sticky, gooey lizard type thingys that my gorgeous lil sis Sara bought for them today! These things are sooo gross to touch - I bet touching a real lizard is nothing compared to these things! I cannot wait for the boys to go to bed so I can take them down and hide them permanently! lol!

Ok, now speaking of lil sissy, go check out Sara's blog! She's got a fab idea that she is doing for the New Year too :) I bow to her for doing what she is doing - I'm so proud of her! I am sooo rusty, it's taking me forever to read her blog, lol! But it's definitely not stopping me!

I am going to take the next couple of days to clear off my desk, organize myself and start my creations ;) I may pop back for a quick Project 365 post, but just in case... I will see y'all in time for Twilight Tuesday!!!

Have a fab weekend!!!


Sara said...

LOL- you have to give the lizards back! Boys need gross slimy stuff to play with lol. You know I will only get them more FUN stuff lmao!

Any who, thanks for your kindness my sissy, you are my inspiration, my friend, the one who keeps me going :) I lobs you bunches!!!

I must say that your "area" is quite messy lol. Not that I should talk because mine isn't much better- I am not even brave enough to post what it looks like.

Best of luck finding your way through it!!!!

Tammi said...

LOL, you always make me smile! I just don't think a person can be creative without creating a bit of a mess! ;) And isn't it always nice finding something you forgot you had, lol! Great day 2 pic! :)

Rina said...

Sara's are brave Margie. As for me, I HIDE all my mess in the garage (hee, hee).

Jami {sgtStamper} said...

Look at all that loot!! Wowza...girl you need a bigger desk! lol! Best of luck organizing... I always end up finding something I hadn't seen in a while and wanting to use it right away...:)
hugs, Jami

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