Saturday, January 24, 2009

Saturday's Project 365 Update #4

I don't like how time seems to go by so fast... I notice that each time it's Saturday Project 365 time to post :) Sorry, it's a bit late...
Here are the pics from this past freezin' week:
Sunday, 18 of 365: "Earth to Matthew"
You had to be there... Matt was just riding along when 'Pinky Dinky Doo' started singing her 'Think' song and he just paused and stared, lol! There was no way to distract him :) It was very funny! Definitely one of those moments that in order to see how funny it really was - you just had to be there ;)
Monday, 19 of 365: "I can always make him feel better :)"
It was one of the coldest days ever and the boys were actually keeping their socks on without any arguments, lol! Matt stubbed his toe on my bed, and Nicky came to his rescue ;) Awww, a hug always makes me feel better too!

Tuesday, 20 of 365: "The 44th President"
It was amazing watching history happen today...
I said to Matt: "Look Matt, that's the new President!"
Matt replied, "That's not a present Mommy, that's a man!"

Wednesday, 21 of 365: "Will it ever melt?"
Usually, whatever amount of snow we get - it usually melts before we get more... we haven't gotten much, but it's been sooo cold that it has permanently frozen to the ground.
This is the view from our front door :)

Thursday, 22 of 365: "Bathroom Break"

We set up the dining room table today into 3 parts: Nicky's spot to do his homework/project, my spot to do some stamping and Matt's spot to color... Everything was under control, so I took a bathroom break...
4 minutes later - Matt decided to do his own separate project! Yes! He decided to color not only the dining room table and chair, but his hands, arms, feet, legs and face! and that wasn't the only things!!! When I took him into the bathroom to give him a bath - when I took off his shirt, I discovered that he also colored his chest, belly and belly button!
"Nicky, did you see what you're brother did?"
"Yea Ma, but I was too busy to help him." LOL!

Friday, 23 of 365: "Meet 'The Refrigerator'!"
We called off the search today, we found the fridge!!! It was hiding under the billions of art projects from the boys :) It's still a bit crowded, but we couldn't put it all away ;)

Saturday, 24 of 365: "Day of Reflection."
We went to my sis and BIL's house today and I forgot my camera... I should have had my sis email me one of the trillion pics that she took, lol, but it's getting late and I wanted to post this before it is officially Sunday ;) So, I decided to pick one of my favorite pics... here's Nicky holding Matt for the first time :) This moment seems like it just happened yesterday! If only in moments like this we could freeze time for a few extra hours to cherish it all a lil longer ;)

Hope you enjoyed my week! See ya next week ;)


Rina said...

So sweet of you to share your precious boys with us. I love Matt's coloring spot (lol), looks like you have another creative artist in the family =)

Anonymous said...

LOL, great pics sissy, i'll be emailing you yesterdays pics- i'm sure you will be able to use them for your 365 still :)


Steph said...

I love the "I was too busy to help him" too cute!! LOL

Anonymous said...

These pics are FANTASTIC! I, too, love the "I was too busy to help..." Your boys are so adorable!!! So now the question is... are you going to scrap the historical president? That'd be kind of cool...scrapping historical events...

Maria said...

Antoher great set of pictures, Margie!! Your kids are so cute and adorable!! It'll be great to look back at the pictures in a few years!!


Eve said...

Thanks for sharing all the great pics Margie! Those are some little dolls you got there!

Cheryl said...

Love your pic of the newspapers. And what a great idea to take a pic of the fridge!

Heather said...

Oh no!! And on a white chair too. OY! I think I would cry! Were you able to get it out?

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