Saturday, January 17, 2009

Saturday's Project 365 Update

Another week gone by waaaay toooo fast! and I still haven't missed a pic yet! :)

Here are my Project 365 pics for the week:

Sunday, 11 of 365: Dining Room Table/Parking Garage
As of this date (1/11/09) there were 29 Hotwheels lined up on my dining room table... ONLY HOTWHEELS ALLOWED! Our boys are currently boycotting all other makes/models... they have since acquired 2 more Hotwheels... 'cause 29 aren't enough ;)

Monday, 12 of 365: Caught In The Act



"Mommy, are you listening to me?"

"Uh, yea...?"

"No you're not! You're texting again!"


Tuesday, 13 of 365: Daily Explosion
Every single night, the toys are cleaned up and sent back into the boys room... every morning by 9, they find their way back... it never ends...

Wednesday, 14 of 365: Good Morning
A messy bed =equals= a good night sleep... even with 2 extra pairs of feet kicking around ;)

Thursday, 15 of 365: Video-Game-A-Holic
I took Nicky to PreK this morning... and this is what I found when I got back... don't worry, Papa was watching Matt... Matt convinced Papa to let him play video games, Papa couldn't refuse that cute lil face +plus+ he never really gets to play when Big Bro is around ;)

Friday, 16 of 365: Cheese Face
Nicky loves to take pics! He's always flashing his "cheese" smile and posing :)

(Today) Saturday, 17 0f 365: Picture Perfect
I had no pic ideas today... so I tried to get the boys to pose for me... ha ha ha! Nice try! Nicky was being a total goofball and Matt was not happy... Nicky is doing his mimic of an evil laugh and Matt is saying, "I'm mad! Leave me alone please!" No matter what, Matt is always polite :)

FYI for myself, lol! Looking back at all of my Project 365 pics, I've noticed a few things...
I must be more aware of the subjects background, there can be some 'embarrassing' things looming around in the background ;) and I have no idea why, but most of my pics so far have been taken in my lil bedroom... we need to get out more! lol! AND my hubs is starting to wonder if he's a part of the family... oops! Well, in my defense, he's at work alot sooo... I know, I know, lol! Sorry babe ;)

Hope y'all enjoyed our pics! See ya next weekend :)


Anonymous said...

LOL- I love the pics! The boys are adorable as usual and once you discovered texting, lol, it really hasn't stopped!

Crazy sissy!


Tammi said...

LOL, these are so fun. Your boys are so cute and you take great pics...these will be great to look back on. :)
Hugs, Tam

Maria said...

Such great pictures, Margie. I'm trying to do the same thing and take pictures on a daily basis. Your pictures of your kids are so darn cute!! It'll be nice to look back at them at the end of the year!!


Bug-N-Bee said...

Love this weeks pics Margie! Your boys are great! My kids cheese it up all the time!

Curt in Carmel said...

What a fun project! Your children are super cute! There is no need to take pics of anything else when you have kids that are that adorable! TFS! Best, Curt

Maggie said...

interesting, but beautiful
Thanks for stopping by

Bona said...

Your boys are too cute. Gosh, if you only knew how many hotwheels Maddy has on top of her other many cars she's collected. I showed her our picture and she was like "wow".

Cheryl said...

Your boys are absolutely adorable, Margie! Love the parking garage and the pic of you texting.

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