Sunday, March 15, 2009

Twilight Tuesday's Scavenger Hunt

There is just sooo much Twilight stuff going on - it's hard to contain oneself ;)
New Moon officially starts filming tomorrow!... and the Twilight DVD is being released on Saturday, March 21st!

To celebrate Twilight's DVD release, Twilight Tuesday is having a Scavenger Hunt...
The first winner will receive the Edward Cullen figure and the second winner will receive the soundtrack.

Good luck ;)


Anonymous said...

Me and V just finished laughing at you.

Very cool doll, I had no clue. I am stopping over to check things out for this scavenger hunt now.

I always look at all the sites- they are so great!


Tammi said...

What! Am I behind or what, I thought it was released tomorrow, I'd of been disappointed going 30 miles to the store and it wasn't there! I'll have to get it while I'm in AZ. Hey, I just bought those CUTE bears, spendy, glad there were only three!!! :) Have a nice day!

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