Friday, April 03, 2009

NEW!!! Sissy's Scrap Challenges!!!

Hello friends!
I just wanted to share with y'all the new and exciting adventure that my sister Sara and I have decided to take on!
We have finally put up our new blog:

We want to share our love of scrapping and more with you... the blog is all about us as sisters, scrappy inspiration and awesome challenges!
Join us for our kick off challenge :)
Wednesday, April 8th!!!

Please pass along the good word and become a follower so we can all be ready for the big day ;)
Many thanks to everyone who has supported us in so many ways :)

xoxo, Margie - 'the big sissy'
xoxo, Sara - 'the little sissy'
We are sissy's,
we are friends.
We scrap together
until the day ends.
This challenge group,
is the new scoop.
To create and share
and laugh and care.
We hope you will join us
and have some fun,
Let us see your creations
when you're all done!
Written with love by: Sarabeth Burke (the little sissy)

Hola!!!Sólo quiero que todos sepan que mi hermana Sara y yo hemos finalmente terminado empezar un reto nuevo: Sissy's Scrap Challenges.
Queríamos pasar a lo largo de la buena palabra y espero que usted puede pasar la noticia adelante para que podamos reunirnos en el gran día: Miércoles, 8 de Abril!
Para participar en el inicio convertido en un reto y seguidor!
Usted no necesita tener una cuenta de Blogger para comentar y seguir:)

Gracias y un gran fin de semana!


Bev said...

Margie!! congrats to you and Sara! This will be something I will want to follow for sure. That pic of the two of you is so sweet!! Can't wait to see the new blog and watch the two of you play together!!

Sara said...

woo-hoo! we haven't even started and the feedback is FAB! can't wait. i have bunches of stuff for you tomorrow :)

lil sissy sara

Maria said...

Whoohoo! Fantastic, Margie!! It's great you're starting a scrappy challenge blog with your sister! How fun! Wish I was more into scrapbooking! Arggh! I haven't scrapbooked a page for over a month!! Much success to your new blog!!


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