Monday, May 04, 2009

That's My Boy!!! and Blog Candy Alert!

Sorry, no scrappy stuff today! I'm trying to finish up stuffs that I started last week and on NSD! LOL! The cold I had early last week has decided to make a U-turn and visit me again :( grrr!

Ok, first off we have a Blog Candy Alert ;)
Musing of a Stampin-De-Va is celebrating her 1 year Blogiversary!!!
What an accomplishment!!! Stop on by and congratulate her ;)

Now... look at this...
Yes! That is a sort of, half-eaten donut!
Our lil Matthew, who will be 3 in 2 months, has hit a stage/age where he doesn't want to get his hands dirty! especially when he eats! LOL! I refused to help him eat his chocolate frosted marble Dunkin Donut - I know, I know - bad Mommy! ;)
It didn't take him 2 seconds to figure out how to work around that problem! LOL!
He placed his plate on the coffee table, bent over it and took bites out of it while rotating the plate!!! Clean hands with a chocolatey face ;)

We definitely know now - that no matter what - he won't starve!!!

Thanks for stopping by :)


Jami {sgtStamper} said...

That is hysterical!!! At least he got all the good parts of it!!

Sara said...

LMAO! He is too funny! I guess he learned how to eat his donut from his aunt lol.

(the aunt)

Maria said...

Hey Margie! At least your boy is a neat boy. Unlike some kids who will get food everywhere. . their hair, their face, the floor, the walls! LOL! That picture of the donut is too funny!! I don't like getting my fingers dirty either. . .I eat pizza and buffalo wings with a knife and fork! LOL!

Sorry your cold returned. I had that happen to me a month ago. . .I had a cold for a whole month! ARggh! Hope you feel better soon!


Tammi said...

OMGosh that is hilarious!! Hope your going to scrapbook that! :)

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