Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Project 365, Before/After Pics & Swap Alert!!!

This is my "Ketchup" post! lol! I'm catching up! Soooo bear with me :)

Here are the last 3 Project 365 pics:

4 of 365: 1/4/09 My Books!
I cannot live without my books!!! These are all my faves! Even the books hidden behind and under the ones you see are my fave!!! I re-read them constantly too! I have a ton of more books in storage (boxes in the closet and under the bed!). I may be inheriting a bookcase this weekend - Yea! I cannot stand that all of my books are still boxed up :(
BTW - I know!, my Twilight books are not in the pic... you will see them in another pic :) I need them handy for reference ;)

5 of 365: 1/5/09 My poor lil Matt!
Matt has hit a growth spurt in more ways than one! He has definitely grown, but has also had a few personality 'growths' too. He's now afraid of the dark, awww... I heard him crying last night - and I know, bad mommy, but I had to take a pic! So cute! Trying to hide... I asked what was wrong, and in a very tiny voice he whispered, "Me scared"... awww, my lil Matt ;)

6 of 365: 1/6/09 "Look Mommy! We have Toy-light guy's hair!!!"
Hmmm... I kinda knew that Nicky caught on that I like Twilight... but when Matt said it - it really SHOCKED the poops out of me!!! LOL! My lil Edward/Rob look-a-likes?! This is what happens when I blow-dry their hair without a brush, lol, it just goes crazy! Nicky doesn't mind - he wants to be a "hairy" skate-boarder! LOL! and Matt wants whatever big brother wants ;)

Y'all be happy to know that I finally finished cleaning up my stuff ;) It wasn't easy, lol, but I had to get it done...
I don't know why I was stressing so much on stamp storage - I really don't have much... all of my wood stamps are in the tan basket to the far right and all of my clear stamps are in original packaging inside the top lil clear box on the left... Lookie where my Twilight books are hiding!, lol!

OK... moving along - I hope I haven't lost ya yet!

Little sister, Sara of Everlasting Scraps, is hosting 2 fab swaps!!! I love the ideas that she comes up with:

1st swap: January Card Swap
Here is the deal:
We will each make 10 cards. The theme is Valentines Day and you MUST use a quote, poem or lyric that has to do with Love.
The inside of the cards should be left blank so they can be passed on forward, but be sure to sign the back to be sure you get the credit!!!
There will be a maximum of 15 swappers.

2nd swap: Book of Love
We will be creating a mini-album of love notes to display on our coffee tables... or shelf. We will each create 10, 5" wide x 8" long layouts. Each layout will include a love letter, song, poem, photo, drawing of your choice and all 10 should be the same or relatively similar. You will be responsible for creating your own cover/binding to complete your set of Love Notes.
Maximum 10 scrappers.
Theme: Love Notes
RSVP by January 9th (scrap4ubysb@yahoo.com)
Submit by January 29th

For both swaps:
You will be mailing your Cards and LO's plus a self-addressed envelope and the same amount of postage that it cost you to send it with an additional 3 or 4 extra stamps for mailing the items back to you. Please do not put the postage on the package, just enclose it inside. Any unused postage will be returned to you. I will disperse them so we can keep everyone's 4-1-1 confidential.

Don't hesitate to jump on over to Sara's blog and sign up! Don't hesitate to email with any questions either :)

Happy Hump Day y'all! See you tomorrow with a few challenges I've been working on!!! ;)


Deconstructing Jen said...

Are you doing Flickr 365? I've been debating on starting that. It would be great to get me taking pics but I already have a lot on my plate. How is it working for you so far?

Tammi said...

Margie I love each of your posts, and your 365 pics...woohoo on having a clean space (for the moment ;) lol) and "Toy-light" OME!! That is way toooo cute! You better watch out, the girls will be lining up before ya know it! :) And I don't think I've read any of those books in the first pic!

Jamie Martin said...

Nice before and after pictures, I need to clean up too! Super cute boys and great Twilight hair :)

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