Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Twilight Tuesday Inspiration Challenge#24

Twilight Tuesday is here again!
This week's challenge is from Dani of Count Your Beautiful Blessings...

Carlisle Cullen

Cafter's Challenge: create something from Carlisle’s history. It can be about anything: his life in London, how he swam to France, when he turned Edward into a Vampire…
Comment Challenge: Is there something in your family history that you are proud of? Is a relative of yours famous for some reason? Do you work on your family’s tree? Tell us something about your family’s history.

Now dont' forget tht the Twilight Tuesday Inspiration Blog has a lot of great things going on...
... and you have until March 30th to do the Scavenger Hunt too!!!
I can see Carlisle keeping track of his family tree... in his own 'vampire' way, lol!
I'm very proud of my heritage! Both of my parents came from Puerto Rico... they both grew up near each other, but never met while growing up - my mother even knew and was friends with some of my father's siblings... but they didn't meet until they came to live here! It amazes me that they were so close, but had to come sooo far away to finally meet ;) I believe in fate; but I also believe that fate likes to make us work hard for what we want in life ;)
Carlisle 12x12 Layout Details:
Paper(s): K&Company; 7gypsies; Bazzill
Stamp(s): ~
Ink(s): Spica black glitter marker
Accessories: Cullen Crest from Costco's DVD Jewelry Box; Primas; Martha Stewart Pearl Stickers; Misc. bling.

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Oi! I'm so sad that I cannot apply my new watermark clearer... Jami of Stamp Happy with Sgt. Stamper made the most brilliant Twilight-y watermark for me! I've been playing with different programs... and I've gone and messed it up today! I believe it's the size messing up the resolution... I must find some time later on to fix it!

BTW! I know y'all went out this weekend to purchase your Twilight DVDs!!!

My DH went to Costco and brought home their edition...

I was sooo spoiled! LOL!

... but I've only been able to watch the movie once!

Have a Happy Tuesday!!!


Bev said...

oh Margie..I am soooo jealous!! your DH is a very sweet man to give you that scrumptious Costco edition of "TWILIGHT" WOWWEE!!!!just look at those goodies!!!

now on to Carlisle...I love the family tree idea!! how very clever of you!!quite nice...

Dani said...

I love it!!I can see this hanging in Carlisle's office at home. What a beautiful way to show the whole family!!

Julie said...

Margie, what an great project! It looks like you put a ton of time into it - and it's just perfect for Carlisle's theme. And that Costco set -- wow! Gorgeous.

Beth said...

That is such a Carlisle project! He would be all about a famly tree project! AWESOME!!

stampvamp said...

This is stunning Margie! Seriously! It looks like it took FOREVER! What an awesome job!!!

Sara said...

Great family tree project! I love the paper and the pics came out great too!

So jealous you got the Costco set- very cool jewelry!!!!!

Off to try out this scavenger hunt, wish me luck!


Rebecca said...

i LOVE LOVE LOVE this! I almost sacrificed my K & Co paper for a similiar project - but mine would have been not nearly as good!

thriftmau said...

Your husband so ROCKS! I love your family tree layout, is that a red wax seal of the Cullen crest? TFS

James and Laura said...

What a great idea to create a family tree. :)

BTW, your DH is too sweet!!! :)

kizgold said...

Fantastic family tree and what a sweet hubby!

Maria said...

Wow! Fantastic layout, Margie!! It gives a great understanding of their family. I love the story of your parents. I recently re-connected with a HS classmate on FB and what do you know, all this time that I've been living in California, she was living about a block away from me! LOL!! We're planning to meet for lunch one day and hang out!

Hey, I bought the 2 books. . .my daughter and I are going to read the books. The movie left a lot of questions and hopefully, the book will give a better explanation. The movie sequences or timeline went too quickly that left a lot of gaps. Edward and Bella went from just meeting to totally in love. . .so I found it a little unrealistic.


Steph said...

Margie! the family tree is perfect!!

And lucky you with the collector's DVD! You better guard that watch! :)

Maria said...

Hey Margie!! I just wanted to let you know I started reading Twilight's first book last night...oh my gosh, I didn't want to go to sleep but unfortunately I had to. I read 1/3 of the book already. I'll discuss it with you on FB when I'm done!!


Tammi said...

Wow that's awesome! And look at all your fantastic goodies, lucky girl! :)

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