Thursday, May 07, 2009

My Mini Blog Guest

Hi friends!
I'd like to introduce to you my lil mini blog guest for today!!! He made himself his own lil paper bag mini-album themed "My Favorite Things"!


Nicky C
"Hi Mommy's people friends! I'm 5 years old and I go to Pre K school everyday :)
I like to: play video games, play Wii, play with Matthew and more other stuff.
I made a 'Happy Nicky's Favorite Book' for me! I hope you like it!
Oh! and my favorite color is blue and Matthew's favorite color is green because he's just a little baby and is learning all his colors.
This book is too little, I need to make a bigger book of my favorite stuff...
and one for all of my toys!
Maybe I'll make one for Matthew too sometime."

Front cover: Pic of Nicky wearing his new T-ball uniform...
Pages 2 and 3: Favorite #1 - Baby Brother Matthew... and stickers.
Pages 4 and 5: Favorite #2 - Disney Cars Movie and Favorite #3 - Wii system...
Pages 6 and 7: Favorite #4 - Toys (Planet Heroes, Batman, Dinosaurs) and Favorite #5 - Anything Transformers...
Pages 8 and 9: Favorite #6 - Batman stuff and Favorite #7 - Nicky's new T-ball cap...
Pages 10 and 11: Favorite #8 Nicky's new sneakers by Sketchers and Favorite #9 Teenage Ninja Mutant Turtles (Titi Sara must be sooo proud!!!) ;)
Back cover: Everything Spiderman!!!

"Thank you, thank you very much, we love you all, peace out!"
~ Nicky C

FYI - Mommy talking now ;)
First of all - I have no idea where that kind of good bye came from, LOL!
Second - My boy knew exactly what he wanted to do and how he wanted to do it! LOL! He asked for my 'rolling tape' and 'little orange paper cutter'...
... and as you can see, he knew what papers he wanted to use from my scrap bin; as he went through my scraps and pulled out the pieces he liked, he asked...
"Which company is this one made from?"
LMAO! Does it matter? Your five! Can't we just cut, paste and glue it all down???
Um, no, that wasn't the way this project was going to go. It was important for him to know everything ;)
So here's the different papers he used: Basic Grey, Stampin Up, Making Memories, Bazzill and MyGraphico! He used the small paper cutter with good training and supervision ;)

Nicky is going to be so happy to see his project on the computer tomorrow morning :)
Thanks for stopping by!!!


Anonymous said...

How precious!! And very cute blog design!!!

Anonymous said...

Titi is SOOOOOO proud! Great job Nicky! I'm so proud of you and I think Transformers and Ninja Turtles are the coolest too!

Love you guys!

Titi Sara (the aunt)

Steph said...

Hi Nicky C!

You did a great job on your book, how very cool! Spiderman is awesome!

peace out,

Steffi B.

Dani said...

Awww, I love your book! When my 5 year old gets up I will be sure to show him this! I know he will like it as well!

Risa said...

Hello Nicky,
You did a super fantastic putting your scrap album together. You have the concept down to a "T" and the results are amazing!
Thanks for sharing this priceless treasure Margie!

Jacqueline said...

Nicky you rock kiddo!!! this is awesome!! and making one for your little brother would be super nice!! peace out!!

Margie your little boy is precious!! So proud of him and amazed too! Super great book this is and such a sweet brother!! SO funny he wants to know where stuff came from!

Dawn (flowergal36) said...

Aww this is so cute. What a great idea. I love it that he knows all your craft supplies...LOL.

Tammi said...

Hi Nicky! What a awesome book you've made there!! You are so creative just like your mommy! I LOVE Transformers and Spiderman too...and my three boys used to watch Teenage Mutant Ninja turtles on tv, that was one of their favorites. :) Thanks for sharing your great book with us.

Jami {sgtStamper} said...

This ROCKS!!!! I love that Nicky made such a cool book! Such talent!!

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